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Okay, wedding pro. Having a strategic welcome guide was one of the best things I implemented in my business. It not only saved me a LOT of time answering the same questions over and over, but it was a huge contributor in converting leads into DREAM clients. Think of this as a 'sales page 2.0' (except we don't want it to be icky-salesy - we want this guide to come from a place of helping and serving, so that the client's response is 'HECK YES I MUST BOOK THEM!'

This easy-to-edit Canva template requires 0 design experience. Simply swap out the images, colours and fonts to suit your brand, and edit the text to convey your message and include your content (which is easy to do with my copywriting prompts!)

If you're wondering what to event include in a welcome guide, this little guy will break it aaallll down for you. 

I refined this guide over a number of years and now you can have it in your hot little hands! Get ready to see your conversion rate skyrocket.

Wedding Welcome Guide Template


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