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There’s always those emails that you feel like you have to write over and over again, yet somehow still takes 30 minutes to write. Not anymore! I've taken the most common emails from my wedding workflow and put them in a collection of templates for you. Get ready to start sending clear and professional emails (that don't make you sound like a jerk) that are crafted to impress - in a fraction of the time.

• Welcome/Introduction email - the perfect balance of 'yay you're engaged!' and 'here are the next steps', strategically crafted to impress your potential client right from the start.
• How to Present a Quote/Proposal - half the battle of selling a proposal is writing the email that goes with it. This has got you covered!
• How to Tell Someone You Are Unavailable On Their Wedding Date - hint: you can keep it short and sweet (but still provide the high level service all leads deserve!)
• How to Respond When Asked to Lower Your Prices - arguably the hardest email to write. This is how you can effectively communicate your value and expertise.
• Follow up 1 & 2 (Quote)
• Follow up (No Quote)
• Confirming Contract but Missing the Deposit - so they've done the easy part of signing their name, but they haven't handed over the cash. This is how you can remind them of the deposit!
• Confirming Deposit but Missing the Contract - sometimes people forget the legal part. This is how to remind them that a signed contract is required.
• Mid-planning check-in 1 & 2
• How to Request/Confirm Final Details
• Confirming Received Final Payment
• Week-of-wedding Check-In
• Post-Wedding Thank You Email

Wedding Pro Email Templates (Standard)




The Wedding Professionals Email Templates from Sarah Luthy are the best thing to happen to my little business! As a stationery designer, writing emails always slowed me down and I always spent time umm-ing and ahhh-ing over the wording of emails, often putting off sending it for entire days until it was just right! Since using Sarah’s templates, my email game has had a serious level-up!

The templates are super easy to use with easy bookmarks and a contents to take you directly to the type of email you are writing. They are clear and concise without being short and sharp, and include actionable endings to ensure you are keeping the conversation flowing with your current/potential clients. They are beautifully worded, even for those trickier emails, such as following up on a complaint, or asking for overdue invoices to be paid. You know, the ones we all dread writing?! Well dread no more because Sarah has done it all for you!

I have both the Standard and Extended versions of the templates and can highly recommend both! Since receiving the templates I use them daily and my email turn around time is so fast because the perfect words are right there for me to use! From replying to an initial enquiry, to closing the deal, and every email in between, you’re sorted with these templates from Sarah Luthy.

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