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There are certain emails which are more... delicate. I'm talking about asking why a prospective client didn't book you (yes you are allowed to ask!), replying to a complaint, how to respond when a wedding is cancelled. This collection of templates includes the most 'eek' emails - I've done the hard work for you; you just need to tweak some of the details. If you're looking for more generic workflow emails such as the welcome email, presenting a quote and how to tell a client you're unavailable, then the standard collection of email templates may be for you.

• How to Ask Why a Prospective Client Didn’t Book You
• How to Ask for a Testimonial
• How to Reply to a Complaint
• How to Send an Invoice for Damaged or Missing Hire Items After a Wedding
• What to Say When the Invoice is Overdue
• How to Tell the Client That Their Recent Changes or Additions Will  Result in a Price Increase
• How to Remind Clients of Specific Terms and Conditions They Agreed To 
• How to Respond When a Wedding is Cancelled
• How to Tell the Prospective Client You Will Not Update Their Proposal or Meet Up Again Without a Deposit
• How to Communicate Consultation Length and Additional Fees

Bonus Templates:
• Responding to Styled Shoot Expectations (Email 1 & 2)
• How to Ask Photographer for Professional Photos
• How to Respond When Influencers Ask for Free or Discounted Services

Wedding Pro Email Templates (Extended)




The Wedding Professionals Email Templates from Sarah Luthy are the best thing to happen to my little business! As a stationery designer, writing emails always slowed me down and I always spent time umm-ing and ahhh-ing over the wording of emails, often putting off sending it for entire days until it was just right! Since using Sarah’s templates, my email game has had a serious level-up!

The templates are super easy to use with easy bookmarks and a contents to take you directly to the type of email you are writing. They are clear and concise without being short and sharp, and include actionable endings to ensure you are keeping the conversation flowing with your current/potential clients. They are beautifully worded, even for those trickier emails, such as following up on a complaint, or asking for overdue invoices to be paid. You know, the ones we all dread writing?! Well dread no more because Sarah has done it all for you!

I have both the Standard and Extended versions of the templates and can highly recommend both! Since receiving the templates I use them daily and my email turn around time is so fast because the perfect words are right there for me to use! From replying to an initial enquiry, to closing the deal, and every email in between, you’re sorted with these templates from Sarah Luthy.